Summer Frittata

To get the official lowdown on what the term “Frittata” means, I wiki’d it:

The Italian word frittata derives from fritto, the past participle of “to fry” (friggere),[1] and was originally a general term for cooking eggs in a skillet, anywhere on the spectrum from fried egg, through conventional omelette, to an Italian version of the Spanishtortilla de patatas, made with fried potato. Outside Italy, frittata was seen as equivalent to “omelette” until at least the mid-1950s.[2]

In this case, today’s Frittata was a happy accident: my eggs wouldn’t scramble because I had put too many in!

This is a simple easy breakfast, lunch or dinner especially when served with a light beautiful salad.


6 Eggs beaten with salt and pepper

2 Green Onions cut finely chopped

1 Handful of Mushrooms – I chose baby bellas, finely chopped

2-3 Broccoli Florets, Finely chopped

1/4 C. Greek Feta Cheese



Turn on Broiler

Melt a pad of butter over medium-high heat

add chopped vegetables until fragrant, about 3 minutes

Add one more pad of butter into the same pan, scraping up any browned bits

Add Eggs to Pan, encouraging the bottom to not get too cooked by swirling the pan and setting it off the heat to set up for a minute

Put pan under broiler, watching carefully for the frittata to set up – about 3-5 minutes- look for the edges to peel back from the side – that’s your indicator that it’s done.

Serves 2-3

Cook/Prep time: 15 Minutes


One thought on “Summer Frittata

  1. Frittatas are my goto for using up the extras I have in the fridge– half an onion, couple of sprigs of oregano, small handful of mushrooms, one potato. Somehow, combined with baked eggs, everything is a-ok. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!


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